2017 Honda Civic EX no Honda Sensing Lease

I’m in Chicagoland area zip code 60202. I got the following offer on a 36 mo 15K lease with no money down:

MSRP: $22,015

E-price: $19,222

Residual value: $12,988.85

Money factor: .00080

Taxes: $750.49

Title and License: $221

Doc. Fee: $172.15

Monthly payment: $235.32

Is this a good deal? What numbers am I missing for a better picture?

What’s MSRP on this unit?

Have you checked the money factor?

I just paid 19,500 + taxes and DMV for Civic Sedan EX in NYC. Tough to get that price too…Looks good to me?

Any details on how you all are getting down to <$19.5 on the EX?

Sent an email asking for those. Will post the numbers once I have them.

EDIT: got them. Updated the first post.

I submitted a bunch of requests on edmunds, truecar, and another site I’ll have to look up asking for quotes. This was the lowest one so far.

3k off a Honda anything is a good start.

There could be a bit more room … not a ton though.

@Benedetto Have you had any luck leasing Honda’s? If you could broker 3k off of a Sport HB I’d be willing to pay.

I’m going to the dealership on Monday to talk to the sales manager. I have two payments left on my Golf and will try to get them to buy it out. If I have to pay a bit more a month, at least I seem to have a solid base deal going.

Which dealer in Chicago? What is that Taxes charge? (I thought the tax is added to the lease payment in Chicago).

Taxes are $750. I asked if the monthly payment included the tax and they said it did. It also matched up in the calculator here (was off by $2 and I’m not sure which variable affected it). The dealer is Grossinger Honda on Western Ave. My customer care specialist contact was extremely helpful answering every question. I can give you direct email if you want.

So with destination rolled in, it came out to $251.84 after taxes out the door.

I’m in San Jose area. What would be a good deal for Honda Civic EX with sensing and no money down for 12K miles/year for the 2017 model given that we are very close to the model year end

I got offers for the EX-T and EX-L. $244 & $277.

Just wanted to contribute to this thread

Finally, got a Honda ex with sensing for 206 per month zero down before tax (was not able to get a good deal on ex-t and settled for ex with sensing)

My numbers was after all tax & fees, but that still sounds like a better deal than I can get here in Chicagoland. Not sure why all the hotdeals are in Cali.

What color did you get? I may finalize things tomorrow, and will likely choose between my fav color Cosmic BLue in an EX, or a Steel Metalic EX-T. I prefer the turbo, but prefer the Cosmic Blue color.

Did you test drive both engines. How did you feel they compared in acceleration and noise level. The turbo is obvioulsy faster, but the base engine seemed managable. I want to drive the base engine car a second time, but with the trans in sport mode.

Didn’t drive the EX-T after I realized best EX-T deal with sensing was at least 35$ pm more than EX with sensing and didn’t want to cross $250 on a second car. Ex is alright - not too powerful but definitely not bad both in the city and on the highway
With California’s 9+% tax got it for 225.5ish after tax. Color is Modern steel metallic. Part of the reason apart from MSRP diff seems to be the dealers here have relatively lower EX-Ts in their inventory for some reason (and incidentally most of them are cosmic blue)

I orig was going to get sensing, but it is missing the two features I’d want the most, blindspot and rear cross traffic. Also, besides the added $1k package, it drops residuals by 2%. So I am considering the EX $224, EX-T $244, and the EX-L $277. Those prices are all in, but without sensing. Mostly ruled out the EX-L since I find the cloth in the Civic very nice.

Oddly in IL, I cand find a EX-T or EX-L in Cosmic Blue. They are mostly gray or silver. Whereas the EX in Cosmic Blue are all over the place. I think Cosmic BLue is far and away the best color. The lighter blue is nice, but would be better for the couple than the sedan. Regardless, I may have to settle for the gray.

Was is 36/12 or 36/15? Otherwise seems like a decent deal…