2017 Honda Civic EX-L

Hi Hackrs hoping to get an idea of how good/bad my deal was after the fact

2017 Honda Civic EX-L w/o sensing or nav

1.MSRP: 24,675
2.Sale Price: 21,345
3. Acquisition fee: 595
4. Miles per year: 15000
5. Term: 36 months
6. Residual : $14,041.95 (60%)
7. Money factor: 0.00108
8. Doc fee : 499
10. Tax: 6%

Monthly payment: $270
Down payment: $500


With 15k miles sounds like an so so deal. Look at truecar and see what kind of selling price you get without rebates to see if you have more room to negotiate. I am sure if you press thay 500 could turn to 0 down easily.

The $500 included the first month, so I suppose it’s really $230 down. Still not $0 down though. The best I could find was around but above $22,000 from truecar.com. However, I should have negotiated the sales price before opening up to lease. A lesson I learned on this one. I feel like I could have knocked possibly another $1000 off the $21345 deal I got. I think the other lesson, in my opinion, is that the high end packages, in this case the ex-l, tend to give less room for negotiation. They bump you up to a completely different tier in pricing that makes it more difficult to knock down. I guess maybe you always pay at least a little for luxury. They were offering the EX-T for $255, but I figured the leather was worth the extra $15/mo, especially come resell time should I chose to buy and sell.

Enjoy the car. In the end not every deal is the same. I agree it pays to get the extra options for just a little bit more. You got 15k a year and that affects residual so with only 10k a year i think the deal would meet the 1% rule of thumb easily.

Could you explain he 1% rule of thumb? Thanks for the help.

Read the various forum links. Pretty much monthly should be 1% of msrp with all fees. Thats with 10k miles a year though.

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