2017 Honda Accord Sport SE Lease help

Hi All. Noob here and frequent short term lurker as of late. Any recommendations on what I should be shooting for for a monthly payment with zero down on a 2017 Honda Accord Sport SE with an MSRP of $27,190? I’m on the RI/Mass border.

I stopped by a dealership today and their original offer was around $314 a month with only first payment plus doc ($349) & registration fee ($150) due for 12k/year 36 months. I think the cap cost was around $24k

Got them down to 248.15 /month (including sales tax) with them applying $500 customer cash down which covers first payment and most of the fees. Can’t remember what the capital cost was on the most recent offer of $248 which doesn’t have the capital cost on the sheet. They were throwing so much paper at me I didn’t notice it until I left.

Residual is 57% and money factor is .000590


Look at the payment calculator at Weymouth Honda. They have pretty good prices IIRC

Their site stinks and the payment calculator has been down since at least yesterday but probably longer.