2017 Honda Accord LX Manual - Lease Deal Advice

I just received this lease deal for a 2017 Honda Accord LX Manual. I’m looking for any advice as I’ve never leased a car so your input is appreciated.

-Zip Code: 19341
-36 months 12k miles per year
-transmission: manual

-MSRP: $23,330
-Adjusted Cap Cost: $21,326
-Net Residual: 52% ($12,131.60)
-MF: 0.000592
-Down payment: $575…this includes 1st months payment along with title fee, license fee, registration fee and documentation fee

Monthly Payment (includes tax): $299.90

For this being a 2017 LX model and manual transmission, I think this monthly payment seems high? Has the MF been marked up? I also find it odd that they are not offering any incentives?

Wanted to get everyone’s thoughts and recommendations in terms of what I should come back with for a counter-offer.

Ideally, I’d like to be closer to $225/month.