2017 Highlander Limited / Just left the dealer!

2017, Toyota Highlander Limited: [2017 Toyota Highlander Limited]

MSRP: [$44,802]
Selling Price: [$40,388]
Rebates: [$500 Military]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [15,000]

MF: [.00135]
Residual: [63%, 28,225.26]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,200]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$479]

Zip Code: [12401]
Sales Tax Rate: [9%]

Just left the dealership. The info on this forum really helped me in negotiating but i am still very new to leasing and i feel like i can get them to move on the total cap cost more. Currently at only 10% off MSRP.

What do you guys think

you can do a lot better on the discount, look at other threads for discount percentages

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Thank you. I have been reading the forum a lot lately and I knew I wasn’t getting a good discount which is why I walked. Truly a great place for fa first time leaser

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I agree with @nyclife, doesn’t seem like a good deal. First day for me here on the forum and walked way from a bad deal because of this forum and the guidance given by the awesome folks here…

Agreed. Thanks for the help. What should I be targeting for msrp discount?

are you hooked on the limited? because there are some darn good deals on the xle. However, I am sure you can find something comparable. Some advertised discounts on the highlander xle are upwards of 13%, so I am sure you can do better, even on the limited.

Okay got it. I’ll have to see if the options on the limited are worth it at this point. Most of the posts I’ve been tracking on the form are based on the XLE


That’s pretty close to the target discount, i’d aim for another .5%to1% off that price in the link

ThAnk you again. Is there somewhere I can confirm the current MF for the highlander. They are saying .00135 with a RV if 63%

I am not sure about the MF and the RV should be correct because they can’t modify that. Check the edmunds forums, but it does look right, Toyota, generally, has high MFs

Not a bad deal on the Limited with 15k miles and 9% tax. The $300 deals are on XLE with 12k miles without tax.
As mentioned, if you just want best bang for payment, XLE is the way to go.

Hidden in the fine print when you go to that dealers website is the additional $895.00 “Dealer doc fees” that are NOT included in the online price. Florida dealers have some of the highest doc fees in the country, some as high as $999.00! Not sure how anyone has been able to get 15% or more off a 2017 Highlander unless they also had Military Rebate, Owner Loyalty, or some other type of regional rebates or discounts. There are different regions of the country that have different prices, options, etc for Toyotas. Not all of the country is under the Toyota rules and guidelines as most other car companies are.

I guess if the dealer got into the holdback money which is around $900.00+ depending on the model more discount could be given. However, check the Edmunds, KBB, or NADA guides for MSRP and Invoice, and you will see that most of the Highlanders have about 10% mark-up from invoice.

Sorry, I didn’t read the fine print. I just took the link to gauge an ideal discount. However, people are getting very good deals on these Highlanders, around 15% on the XLEs, that’s why I suggested him to get more off. One lease hackr member got an xle for 36k with an msrp of 42k. Much better deal than this.

What dealer was this? I am also looking for a 2017 limited but am getting quoted prices in the 600 range

Prestige Toyota in Kingston NY. Can’t say I’d recommend them as they play games.

Thanks, I have to start shopping around soon