2017 Highlander Limited AWD Private Owner Assume Lease $411.00

2017 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD
MSRP: $44883.00
Selling Price: N/A
Rebates: N/A
Months: 28 Months remaining of 36 month term
Annual Mileage Approximately 31000 miles remaining of 36000 mile term (4500 miles on car right now)
MF: .00077 I believe after the MSD

Total Due At Signing:
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $411.00

Security Deposit Accepted? Required $3825.00 fully refundable at lease end

Leased this 2017 Highlander Limited AWD on February 28th, 2017. Original term was 36 months and 36000 miles. It is Blizzard Pearl with Almond Perforated Leather. It was ordered with a second row bench seat instead of the bucket seats, and has the 3rd row bench seat also.

It has factory all weather floor liners, Cargo liner, and stainless rear bumper protector. I also have factory carpeted mats for the three rows which I purchased later and will include.

Non smoker, garage kept! Only has 4500 miles on it since getting it in February of this year. We no longer need a second vehicle.

At the time of lease, I put multiple security deposits (MSD) of $3825.00 in order to reduce the Money Factor from Toyota Financial Services. That money is fully refundable at the end of the contracted lease term to the person named on the lease at that time.

That means Toyota will send you the $3825.00 instead of me (as long as there is no excessive wear and tear, damage, or mileage total over the contracted 36000 miles). Therefore, I will require a upfront amount of $3825.00 since that money is not coming back to me from Toyota.

My payment is $411.00 a month which includes 7% tax here in Lake County, Ohio. We would have to find out from TFS what your payment would be depending on where you register the car (tax, etc). I believe the only other expense for you (other than the fully refundable $3825.00) would be a $200.00 transfer fee charged by TFS. I will be getting more information from them on Monday.

Tough sell when you can get a qx60 for less or about the same.


Thank you for your comment.

Much sweeter when these were going for $275 plus tax earlier this year.

I recommend and incentive to bring the payment down 50-60$ a month and it’ll fly out of your hands.

Yes they were BUT that was with $3995.00 or so down and for an XLE.!

This is with a fully refundable multiple security deposit (so no money towards cap cost reduction) and just the fees Toyota Financial Services charges for a transfer, which I am told is around $200.00. May be a few state fees for title and registration, and then however the tax is paid.

Not ready to offer any incentives yet as I haven’t even posted this on Swap A Lease yet.

Definitely a sweet deal from numbers perspective. But someone willing to part ways w/ $4000 (MSD + other fees) upfront, a bit more difficult.

Either way, GL, the Limited pkg is definitely awesome!

solid deal, can’t replicate this at any dealer or come close.

I think I will post it on Swap A Lease next week. Got some paperwork coming from Toyota Financial Services for when I find a buyer.

I know the $3825.00 MSD up front is difficult for many people. At least they get it all back at the end of the lease and Toyota is only charging a $200.00 transfer fee.

Pending Lease Assumption from the ad placed on Swapalease. Paperwork submitted to Toyota financial