2017 GTI SE and WRX premium

I am looking to get into a new lease. Got couple of offers for a 2017 GTI SE manual, 36k/36m for $350 includes everything. Another offer for WRX premium was $330 a month 36k/36m includes everything.
I’ve been negotiating with both dealers for few weeks now. What you guys think?
I live in Illinois btw.

I think you need to be more vague.

And a dealer is going to make a lot of money leasing you a car.


$129 (20 characterssssss)

You really need to post the MSRP, selling price, any incentives you are getting, the MF, and the residual. This is what really makes the deal. Focusing on a monthly payment is a game the dealer loves to play.

First, you are not sharing a deal so you should post under “Ask the Hackrs.” Second, “includes everything” is meaningless to us, the only way to compare apples:apples is to compare on a pre-tax and pre-DMV basis, as each state is different. In addition to what Samura said, post the tax rate and approx DMV fees.