2017 GMC Acadia Denali price help

MSRP 51285
Rebate 1500
Discount 2245
10K 36m lease
65 res
0.00058 mf
What should be my lease price on this?

Did anyone lease Denali recently?

Why don’t you just use the calculator on this website ?

why do we have forum if we just have calculator.

i am asking to get best deal by using this numbers, or suggestion get more discount, do this for res value, or do that for MF kind.

or if any one got Acadia Denali with good deal.

The residual and MF are set by the manufacturer and cannot be negotiated (although dealers can mark up the MF).

You will want to work on getting a bigger discount from the MSRP to get the lease price down.

Just been offered
1800 down and $459 Inc Cal taxes

Sunroof, white paint, advanced technology.
Mf 0.00058
63% residual
Competitive acquisition and Costco discount.