2017 gmc acadia denali awd $399 per month $0.00 down(SOLD)

Hello Everyone
My dealership has 2 Red Tag Denalis Left Pricing & Packages listed.
I have one at $399 Per Month & another at $409 Per Month.

Phone- 631-334-5320

Exterior - Twilight Black Metallic
Interior - Cocoa/Shale
-Dual Skyscape Sunroof
-Technology Package
Msrp- 51,185
Monthly Lease - $399 PER MONTH
$0.00 DOWN

Exterior - White Frost Tricoat
Interior - Black
-Dual Skyscape Sunroof
-Technology Package
-Wireless Charging System
Monthly Lease - $409 PER MONTH
Msrp- $52,160
$0.00 DOWN

Pricing on both based on 36 Month Lease & 10,000 miles per year

Due at Signing- First Month, DMV Fees, Bank Fee & Local Sales Tax

12,000 & 15,000 mile per year available


Oh man if this was in California I’d be all over this.

Me too, I wonder if we can repeat in Cali. Laying down the gauntlet!

Are they AWD or FWD?

This is where I have got to after one phone call in SoCal on a Denali FWD Tech and Sunroof. Not too far off.


I found this:

Scroll down for the Acadia Denali FWD. Says $299 lease.

I’m a newbie at this, when it says “total due at signing $3029” is that in addition to the “includes $1500 GMC Select Model, $1500 GM Competitive Lease”?

That is on a very cheap car with no options. Also they are only doing $3,400 discount. They should be at $4600 on that car.

I would say a 51k Acadia Denali under $400 meets the 1% rule part (a) [ie the one that includes tax+fees]. Not a bad deal.

Yes, although a new model for 2017, the 2018 will have a new 8 speed gearbox with start stop which will be much better so I would think there should be some good deals on the 2017 coming up.

Awd, and just to update only black is available.

Is this a 6 cylinder?

Yes, the Denali is a V6.

So I pulled the trigger at the above price I posted. Great car for the money. The way to get to 10% off is by using the IVC GM coupons if you can find a dealer with them and then also finding a dealer who wants to go well below invoice. Most dealers would not go below 6% and it was difficult to find a 7 seater as opposed to a 6 seater which most seem to be. With LA tax at 9.25% now it was going to be difficult to match the NY quote originally posted, they were very good deals.

Given an equivalently optioned Kia or Hyundai costs the same if not more with 7 seats I am pretty happy and rightly or wrongly my wife prefers the look and image of the GMC. (Perhaps because we are Brits and American car brands have a romance to them due to not being available in the UK)


If you get another white ext Black int one, please call me asap. Looking for one with those numbers. 732-783-5363. Name is Pete, thanks.

I would be interested in slt1 awd v6 with dual sunroof (msrp 42775)
bonus cash 1000
lease cash 1500
any way to be under 375/month with this all in just first payment as drive off?

Hi All, first time on LH. I’ve been in market for 2017 Acadia Denali. Best I’ve been able to get from OC dealers is zero down $538/mos. Based on my research I don’t think its best deal. What do you think? I’m considering going to other brands to get better deal.

First pass @A2daJ have a price of $432+tax, $0 down, $0 driveoff, MSRP $47K; detail below. Have Costco pricing as well, which should improve numbers. If you are still shopping let me know, the OC dealer may do a package deal.