2017 GLE 350 Lease Deal?

Leasing a 2017 GLE 350 in Georgia with MSRP 63,270 (Premium Package 1 with Parking Pilot, Panorama Sunroof, and Saddle Brown Leather.
CAP Cost is $58,270.
Sales Tax: $2093.91
Dealer/State Fees: $594
Negative Equity on Trade: $4,000

36 mo, 12k miles with $8000 down at $774/mo.

They are telling me that MF is .00096 and RES is 54.00.

Is this a bad deal? With 8k down to absorb the negative trade, I am concerned that the numbers seem a bit off. Maybe too much holdback?

Serious? Do you even need to ask? Even without your negative equity, $4k down and $774/month is still terrible.

Instead of down payments, you should be taking advantage of MSDs and autopay to reduce the MF.


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C’mon guys! Stop laughing, start educating :slight_smile:


I did :grinning: I suggested MSDs and autopay instead of down payment.

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There is nothing really to suggest, but find another dealer :slight_smile:

Haha! Thanks. It seemed pretty bad but I wanted to make sure. Going to a different dealership. Can you advise as to MF and what was actually inflating the payment?

Literally, I just walked away. Metro Atlanta dealers are vultures.

I would just buy the car at those prices. Its like almost 30k for 3 years not including negative equity. Sales price could be lower if purchase instead of lease.

Get a loaner …

2018 model, 7k off
2017, higher miles, 10k off
Probably has high dealer fees, but is very well priced