2017 Forester 2.5 Premium - May/June numbers

I have done plenty of research and saw some people post very good lease numbers from November 2016/January 2017 time frame. But now, as I am looking for one, I see very apathetic reaction from the local dealers (NYC/Tri-State area). So far I walked away from one bottom line offer from a dealer, mainly because it was the only set of numbers I obtained. I emailed other dealers and received their automated responses, and some times even a call, but no follow-up. Are Foresters a scarce commodity now?

Particularly, I was pricing a 2.5 Premium with stick shift and small extras, MSRP $26,800, 12K mi/year, 36 month lease term.

The best number I have is $228/mo, $1,600 down, plus taxes and bank fee ($600) paid upfront.

Can anyone share the numbers out there in today’s market? Or comment on my numbers otherwise?


You can check Edmunds forums also for current numbers

My local dealer has tons of Forester. It’s the outback they can’t keep in stock