2017 Ford Fusion titanium AWD

Anybody come across any good deals on this vehicle

Is this a good deal on a 2017 Ford Fusion titanium
Msrp: 33,485
Selling price: 30,329 before rebates 29,579 notes: still trying figure out this number because the rebate amounts is not adding up to that price they gave me.
Monthly payment: 282 with 650 due at signing
Money factor: 1.25%
Residual: 18,081
10,500 miles 36 months

Without digging into the numbers, looks good to me! It definitely passes the 1% test (a “great” deal is when the monthly payment is 1% of MSRP, assuming standard drive-off fees).

Fusion Titanium is a really nice car… almost borderline luxury.

I have a new deal with another dealership

Ford Fusion titanium AWD
Monthly payment: 265 with 762 due at signing(first month included)
Residual 54%
Money factor: waiting on this
Out the door price after rebates and taxes: 30,668.85
How is this deal so far?

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Money factor is .25, price is 26,155.00 and buy out price is 18,081.90

Deal looks pretty solid to me!

Not sure the residuals for the AWD but I helped my friend got a FWD one. MSRP is 34,565. 36/15k, 1k signing. $315
inc tax.

I got the car 2 days ago. Ended up putting 1000 down and monthly payment is 251 for the titanium AWD. Only 10,500 miles but I’m only driving this during the winter months. I have a 16 mustang gt that will have all my attention during the spring and summer lol