2017 Ford F-150 XLT supercrew $448 10 months left 16k miles left, $1000 incentive! Brings it to 348 a month SOLD

Hello, Ford F-150 supercrew 10 payments of $448.51 left. 28,500 miles with 45,000 allowed. 4x4, Nav, heated seats, remote start etc. Added spray in bed liner, soft cover, all weather mats. Have it listed on swap a lease as well. Located north of Albany NY 518-646-3281 call or text, thanks. 1k incentive!

looks good, I think it needs a little bit incentive to push it over the top on here. Outgoing bodystyle a little higher than normal payment, big plus for the mileage.

When you do start the transfer process get everything sent to you via the my account app or it will take forever if they mail it to you. Talking 2-3 weeks versus 4-5 weeks

Added an incentive

Hi what’s the name of the app you’re referring to?

swapalease but you have it on there.

edit: it’s the ford my account app or on the website for transfer papers, just call them and tell them you want documents sent via online, thought it wasn’t on swapalease.

What is the end of lease buy price?

I can get exact numbers when I get home, it’s around $27,800. I have had a ton of interest in the past few days and this is now pending.

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still available?