2017 Ford Explorer Sport 12 mos/27k left $540.33/mo

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I am offering my current lease up for transfer .
2017 Ford Explorer Sport
Long Island NY location
Pearl white tri-coat with black leather
401a package + pano roof
12 months left on lease
Up to $5000 in excess wear and tear allowed
Wheel protection package
8400 miles on it currently
12k/year lease with 27,XXX left to go in 12 months (plenty of miles left)

this suv is flawless without any dents or scratches and the miles are extremely low for the year.

Willing to cover the ford transfer fee as well

$540.33 a month including NYS sales tax.


Sounds like a really bad deal.

$540 for a Ford Explorer Sport 17’

I hope you can get what you need

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Where this lease is attractive is in how many miles are left.

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Definitely… lease should be in the mid to low $400s even for a 15K/year lease but could work out well for someone who could use 2k miles per month.

I see he has it listed on SAL too which is likely a better venue for him than here.

He is picking up the $75 Ford application fee though :grinning:

Definitely an interesting option for a road warrior. GLWT!

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Nice deal
These msrp’d in the mid 50’s
NYS taxes are prob almost $100 a month
Still a good < 1% deal

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I don’t…YET

No, no, and no… likely around a $48K car and taxes at the high end for NY depending on municipality would be around $40-$50/month so not a 1% deal.

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Still available?

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Still available . Mileage is still under 9k. Still
Ends 5/20

I have window sticker . It was $54k

I would have gotten this Explorer but we already got the Pilot 2019. This was my first choice of vehicle.

Where can I find a 15k mile a year sport lease for low $400’s? I’d sign today.

Like any lease, it’s all about timing. I haven’t looked at the number or incentives recently but I had a 2017 $48k one for $435/month all in zero DAS.

If you have flexibility on timing, I would regularly monitor SAL I’ve seen many sub $500/month Sports, some with excess mileage. Ford transfer process is easy, only $75, and there is no disposition so one of the better captive to deal with for a swap. Nothing great on there now, but if you are patient, you can get one in the $450/month range.

did this one sell?

Just PM the OP instead of bumping dead threads.