2017 Ford Explorer platinum lease

2017 Ford Explorer platinum lease
54875 sticker , 4K negative equity 15k miles 3 years $795 payment

Ford cash 2750 into deal
North jersey

Man the negative equity adds 110 bucks a month at least. Need more info to evaluate.

@ny13 Ok I will get more info on it, if i just pay the negative equity at close, what would be a good deal on this plat lease? I almost think i am in the area of BMW X5 money not sure how they stack up against each other.

If you read forum rules it lists the info needed. But sales price, fees, rebates, residuak, and money factor would be a good start. Also, the drive off fees. Again, at 15k a year it will affect your residual so hence a higher payment. Still just get the info and go from there.

Ford (specially Explorers) don’t really lease too well in general so you will be getting up there. Some of the more popular options here are the Infiniti QX60 and maybe some good Chevy Tahoe (Denali) or Acadia deals this month. X5s are getting a little out of control lately.

You have to decide if you want a better deal but flexible on brand or if you really want a specific car and just get the best deal you can for it. Forum can help you either way

Or the highlander deals

Thank you i will post the detail in full as soon as i get them today. I know my drive off fee is zero, will check the others

Any insight on the deal below?

2017 Explorer Platinum
36/18k year
Net Cap $48740
lease rate .5%
42% Residual
First months payment at signing
$750/mo including monthly sales tax($21.86)

What is MSRP? That is a ton of money for a non luxury 3 row SUV. Are you ties to the Ford offering? MDX, QX60, XC90 and the GM crossovers should lease better (and much better in some circumstances - like SUV + sedan for 750).