2017 Ford Electric vs 2017 Nissan Leaf lease deal - need hack experts to help on a quote

I am new to this forum. I am interested in leasing a Ford electric or a Nissan leaf. Below are the deals I got from 2 dealers here in bay area. First one is Ford and the 2nd one is Nissan. Would love to get thoughts on whether the deals are worth it and which one is better.

26% residual. LOL. Just buy a 3 year old Leaf then …

Ford dealer is messing with you $2104 discount :))
Which car you like better of it doesn’t matter?
Did you search this site?
Not the same msrp, but close, no?

It looks bad but the discount is about $15k - 16k to offset the bad residual. MF is close to zero also.

If you can wait till February the deals will get much better. I got my focus last year for ~$130/month with zero drive off (this is excluding CA rebate, ski tickets and iPad). This seems to happen every year.

Thank you all for your replies. As I am new to all this, I am still to trying to learn so I appreciate the help.

Looking at the low residual values, are these just bad cars to lease? Or is it just bad time to lease? I am not sure what I could negotiate on. I tried using the lease hackr calculator too and the monthly payment numbers seems to add up +/-$5.

I will keep that in mind. Thanks!