2017 Ferrari 488 Spider or coupe

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Ferrari 488 Spider or Coupe
Months/Annual Mileage: 60/2.5k
Zip code: 48162
It might seem weird to ask this but I would like to know before anything is decided. Thanks

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I could be wrong, but I’m thinking this vehicle may be too specialized for this forum. Have you asked around in FerrariChat.com forums to see if there’s a preferred Ferrari dealer?

I haven’t asked but I do see a lot of negativity on leasing in that forum. I thought I would give it a shot here. I was given a quote on 2016 488 coupe with a MSRP of around $298K. Monthly was about $3,865 per month. Residual was 53%. Just startups due at signing. I can’t remember the money factor exactly but it was coming out to something like 6.8% for the interest rate. That was in October. Now I have decided on ordering a slightly less optioned Spider but due to the price increase from Coupe to Spider the MSRP is around 294K. Just wanted know if there is a considerable increase in the residual since Spiders are selling for a considerable amount over sticker. Thanks

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Why not lease 75 Chevy Traxs instead? All kidding aside have you considered financing the car? 120-144 mo loans are out there for exotics.


Yeah I was thinking that but it would probably be like 72-84 months with like 40K down. 144 months is too long I think. Leasing is less money down, lower payments, and because the car, right now, is worth more than the MSRP. I could just walk out of the lease, probably get most if not all my money back minus interest plus taxes, and get another one.

If the car is worth more than MSRP, what makes you so sure the dealer is going to sell it to you at MSRP? Do you have a deal lined up?

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I put 6,000 miles on my new Ferrari in 7 months. Not sure how you’re going to keep those miles down…

If a vehicle is going for over MSRP, wouldn’t it make sense to purchase instead of leasing? For the 3 year lease term, you would be paying 47% of MSRP plus 100% of markup over MSRP?


What store? I know someone in the Troy Motor Mall exotic store.

@Phantomcypher what does your car stable consist of?

Yes the Ferrari dealer is selling at MSRP as we will be ordering the car new. Once you have a relationship with the dealer( buy multiple cars from them) they will sell at MSRP. Of course there is a waiting list but more cars bought from them, the more priority you get in the waiting list. The waiting time for someone who hasn’t bought a Ferrari and is looming into a new is atleast a couple of years.

Haha - we have been asking @Phantomcypher to take one picture of his entire garage for a while now :slight_smile:

This obviously wouldn’t be the daily lol. Mostly be a good weather car ex: not in cold or snow. I’ve driven about 8000 miles in my previews Ferrari in 2 years.

Yup, Monroe. Small town. The car would be from the local Ferrari dealer in Michigan. We’ve bought a couple cars from the Exotic store in the Troy mall.

Would love to leasehack a Ferrari so I can finally drive the way I feel. Like a million bucks!!