2017 F150 price

HI all- New to this site. Before heading out for days of visiting dealers in the Maryland traffic (DMV) I was hoping you all might have some insight. I don’t want to wast my time or the sales associates.

Looking for the following:
F150 (2017)
Crew Cab
Power driver seat
Trailer hitch
preferable no fixed center rather a 40/20/40 bench seat
24 or 36 month lease with 2K down + MD 6% sales tax

If it matters I a current F150 owner

Forget prefer V8 or will take a V6 ecoboost

Save everyone’s time by negotiating all via email.

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Find the vehicle you want on their website and email them, you’ll waste so much time driving dealer to dealer. And no 2k down just fees and if you prefer, taxes.

Thanks been driving the same F150 (my first vehicle) for the past 11 years and didn’t think email was a legit way to get real non BS quotes.

You need to read up (educate yourself). Look through countless posts on here to get an overall feel from what you need/should do.
Good luck.

Hi all, just spent 2 hours at a Ford dealer here in the DMV. They quoted me a sliding scale between 24/10,000 and 36/10,000. Please take a look and let me know if you think this is a good deal, I was hoping to get the payment down to 300 per month with 2 k OTD. I’m leaning towards the 36month with 2K down (down = tax (6%), dealer fee, registration)

Truck specs: 2017 F150 4x4 super crew cab, 5-foot bed, xlt, with the 2.6 v6with eco boost

details below


Ford leases suck, and the F-150 practically sells itself without negotiation.
With that in mind, thats not a bad deal.

It would be preferable to have tax included though and not paid up front.
If they can structure that and keep your payment still within 1% of MSRP you’d be in good shape.

Worth noting - since you mention youve been driving your current F150 for 11 years, are you sure 10k miles is enough for you?

Edit @ the prices you show I’m coming up with $410 plus tax (3%MF, 59% residual) and up front fees, so that’s not bad. I would shoot for $400 no money put of pocket and would say you have a good deal.
You could probably get $300 a month with $3,000 down. I don’t see the dealer having another $2500 in this deal without taking a huge loss

@13_F150 and everyone. I have a new offer you(you all) seem to know the market better than I do. Does the math add up and would you say its a good deal?

F150 crew cab 4x4 xlt 2.7 V6 eco boost, 10/39 lease, the only packages are towing and chrome

(from the dealer)
MRSP $42,720
Sales Price $39,997
Incentives $ 3,050
Down Payment $ 2,000
Acquisition Fee $ 645
Miles 10,000
Months 39
Residual 58%
Tier 1 1.5% rate - No Money Factor
Documentation Fee $ 299
Lic/Reg $ 267.20

The dealer is coming up with 39 months @ $436.

I’m getting $334 with a drive off of $3,038

@13_F150 thanks for the insight before, you made me question the dealer and find that he was in my eyes misleading me on the drive off the price.


The 2nd deal is much worse than the OP.
OP was MSRP of $50,000
Ford discount of $2250
Rebate of $3050 (only know of 2800 least in FL)
Dealer discount around $5,000 (darn good discount)
As long as the MF is not marked up, that’s about the best your get

My MSRP was $53ish for a 2016 lariat with only $1500 in rebates and I’m at $463 with $800 out of pocket plus my lease return, which I know they bought from bank to be able to make deal work

Thanks, I feel the dealership pulled a fast on me. I emailed the rep this morning to move forward and confirm the details, he said it was 2k down, +tag, title, freight = out of pocket $4,900 for a $365.70mo lease. or $450ish with 2k out of pocket.

Need to check the MF and what the additional $2900 covers. Seems very high for First months payment, acquisition, tag, doc fees, upfront taxes. Should be like $1500