2017 Equinox Premier $34,630 MSRP for $145.72/MO+TAX

2017 equinox premier

MSRP: 34,630
Selling Price: 33,371
Rebates: $7700
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

Residual: 66%

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: $145.72
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $156.87

Zip Code: 80237
Sales Tax Rate: [7.65%]

What do you guys think about that deal, can I do any better for this one?


This is really good.
If you can get the farm bureau $500 to stack … that will be it … !

can’t do fb in Colorado. Doesn’t selling price seem low for this one?

EDIT* I mean, doesn’t selling price seem high?

The invoice for this is $30200

What options are added to the vehicle ? May be you can add those options back to invoice price and ask from seeling price reduction.

But either ways, the offer is too good to pass.

the paint is an extra $1k
Also has Power rear liftgate

i would prefer to subtract these two options and get the tech package (with navigation)

how much do you think that would drop my payment?

Your window sticker will have the pricing for these add-ons.
Problem is to find these vehicles with your preferred options in stock with bonus tag.

If you add these 2 options to the invoice then I am getting $32,195.

Do you think they’ll budge from the $33,371??

my chevy guy said he will tag it for me, so hoping to find one minus these 2 options and with nav

Great … Thats the way to go !

how do you find the invoice on the premier with just the nav package?

I am using the Costco auto link that I have shared …
And then look around for Window sticker for vehicles that has nav to understand how much will be added to the invoice for the nav package

BTW i just compared the deal with what i signed yesterday and yours is much better than mine.
my MSRP was $33815, $842 due at signing, $133 a month with FB rebate of $500, NJ state tax 6.875%
Your deal is costing $510 more pre tax without FB rebate. Meaning , we have having same pre tax payment but you are getting a higher MSRP vehicle. ($815 more)
i would say grab it !

Try to find one with the 3.6!

what add ons did you get?

meh, don’t like the gas mileage

Pearl white $895
Cargo cover $130

just got a price for the base premier msrp $32,685 for $127.60 plus tax for 10k/24

Debating b/w this one or the other. hmmmmmmmmm

Both are good options … ,:grin:


I was trying to replicate this deal with no success.

Which salesman did you work with at Pinebelt? Anyway to know which vehicles are tagged? So you ended up getting the FB rebate? Thanks for sharing!