2017 Equinox LT AWD V6

First lease, so be gentle:)
I’m about to close on this vehicle:
2017 Equinox LT AWD V6

MSRP: [$34.890]
Rebates: 7700
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: [12,000]


Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: $808
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): 139

Zip Code: 48331
Sales Tax Rate: 6%

The 10000 per year was $124.
Looks like a good deal: 0.5-ish % of MSRP.

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Definitely a good deal :+1:

Ho did you get this deal? Can you give details on incentives?

What was selling price before rebates?

$22678.50 after $7700 in rebates

Could you specify what are the rebates? My delaership won’t give me more than $4075 including the $3000 asian car lease

Rebates: [$3000 Asian Conquest, $1700 CCR, $1500 Regional CCR, $1500 Bonus Tag]

Where are you located?

I couldn’t use $500 from farm bureau

Would you mind sharing where do you get the information for the incentive? I didn’t find any useful information from google.
I am in WA and the best they gave me was $4075 incentives

When they offer you $4k laugh at them and say that discount doesn’t even include all the available incentives. I have yet to have that bluff called, no one has ever rebutted it they just immediately backpedal.

If i know all the incentive that are offered in my area, it will cut negotiation time by a lot.