2017 Equinox LS 10k/24 for $1700 total

2017 Chevy Equinox LS 10k/24

MSRP: [$26,405]
Selling Price: [$25,025]
Rebates: [$7700]
($1700 CCR, $1500 Select Market CCR, $3000 Conquest, $1500 Bonus Tag)
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

Base MF: [0.00092]
(Opted to increase MF and waive acquisition fee, and lower MF by paying all at once)
Residual: [66%]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,700]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$0]

Zip Code: Bay Area CA
Sales Tax Rate: [8.5%]

I contacted @ChevyPhil on Saturday and Sunday I signed the lease.
All details worked out over text/email, when I came to the dealership there were no surprises and everyone were very professional.
@ChevyPhil is real, no bullshit, answers promptly with the important details numbers.
Not your regular “come over and we’ll talk” or “all you should care is the monthly payment” like some of the other dealers I contacted.


Nice deal. Congrats to you and thanks to ChevyPhil :slight_smile:

Good deal !

exactly what i need! how does one attempt to get this deal in a different market? @chevyphil looking to get in the denver area

Would love to replicate this “One Pay” deal in MN. Did you have to pay any additional Registration or title fee’s beyond the $1700?

No, $1700 includes everything.

Trying to recreate this in NC too.

The “Select Market CCR” - anybody know which, er, “select markets” this is applicable in?

I finally found a dealer who is very open, willing to share exactly what he is seeing, but he is not seeing these rebates line up.

Enter your zip code here you should be able to figure out what is offered in your market for 2017 Equinox-

the edmunds page doesn’t show the detailed incentives/rebates. i plugged in a socal zip code and it didn’t show any of the ones used above, just a generic $199 a month lease offer, awesome lol

It shows it for me,
What is your zip ?

how odd! can you try 27617? i wonder why it didn’t work for me

This deal is the bomb. You can’t even rent a chevy cruze for 6 months from avis for that price!!

Am I the only one that can’t see detailed incentives/rebates on edmunds? lol

this is all i see

Click on “$ Offer.” All the lease incentives, other than the $3,000 competitive lease should be listed there.

Nope… that shows a few incentives but none of those listed for the deal here.

Can anyone here actually show edmunds showing the incentives listed for this deal, or even anything equivalent?

tried entering 90742 socal zip code too, don’t get anything like it

On the Edmunds app, I see $1,700 leasing bonus and $1,500 leasing bonus. Add that to the $3,000 competitive lease, and $1,500 bonus tag, and you should be at $7,700.

bingo - the app shows it - website does not. thanks, thought i was going crazy.

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and with some playing around i can see the $1,500 incremental bonus does not work in nc… so that nixes that unless i can find some other way of bridging that gap. fortunately the bonuses for the Trax deal DO work, so time to line up some of them

In the market for another vehicle and love what I am seeing on these Chevy deals. But, I’ve never leased before. Heck, I paid cash for my last five cars. Without the $3k foreign lease incentive, the deals loose quite a bit of their luster.

How does a first time leasor get some of that GM love too??