2017 E300 Payment Calculation

Hi all,

Can you help me calculate the lease payment please?

2017 E300 4matic

NJ Tax 6.875%

MSRP: 61,515
Selling Price: 48,000
MF: .00092
Term: 36 Months
Miles: 12k/15k
Residual: 58%/56%

Taxes & Fees upfront

The dealer is telling me 3k up front for taxes + fees, and 5500 for MSD which results in the payment of: $459/mo for 36/12k. I calculated it using the leasehackr calculator and i get wildly different numbers. Can anyone help clear this up please? I would like to visit the dealer tomorrow with a fair number and get the best deal. Thanks fellow LeaseHackrs!

Is this a loaner? If not, that is a great price. If so, there needs to be a residual adjustment for mileage ($0.20 per mile over 3000 miles). See what they are charging for acquisition and doc fee, and any other crazy fees. Also, make sure they are only charging the acquisition fee once, either in the monthly or as part of the $3000.

yes this is a loaner to owner. It has roughly 6k miles so where does the $600 adjustment come off? I will definitely ensure the fees are straightened out. Appreciate the feedback. It’s odd because my friend was getting a similar car from another dealer for $428/mo with 36/15k and with 10MSDs. Unfortunately that dealer is not giving that price anymore so I went to another dealer.

600/61,515 = ~1%, so subtract 1% from the RV for new models

Does this in turn increase my lease payment since the residual is lower?

Yes, the amount of depreciation you need to pay is higher, so your payments will be as well. The trick is finding a larger discount off MSRP than the residual reduction. Mercedes is better about loaner residual than competitors BMW and Volvo who are more strict about depreciating more quickly. That being said, a MB with 9500 miles needs a decent discount to make it worth it.