2017 E-Golf (Socal)

Ok this is a question and maybe a little rant. I have not put the name of the Dealership but I live in North County SD. Base model w/ Quick Charge (Black)

I am in the market for a new car and want to go EV. I drive 80 miles a day so was looking at the Golf. I was originally looking at the hyundai IONIQ but could not find the Unlimited+ lease anywhere. So I stopped by a dealership about 2 weeks ago or so to check out the golf.

At the time I could not make a purchase as my current car was held up @ a dealership for buy-back issue. Took test drive: Fiance heard of the IONIQ Lease offer 2700 down, 275 a month. They told me there 1300 down, 250 a month. I did not get it in writing. - Other issue was I needed to verify I could get the 240v installed in garage.

Last night:
Sales person gave me the whole lets take it for a test drive again, wasted about 1hr there. Finance manager (same one from 2 weeks ago) does not remember those numbers, sale manager says he does remember they offer “best deal” 1500 down, 495 a month. I Figured there might be a little bit of a chance from the initial offer given but really?

****So I guess my new question: Any recommendation for a VW dealership in Socal and what would be a reasonable # for a lease. The Calculator only goes to 15K, not sure how to make it go to 20k. I took a snap shot of the offer but its very blurry for some of hte numbers they were quoting, I should have taken better, I was just so annoyed of the time game they were playing.

Don’t worry about the mileage limits in the calculator. The built in rewidual value changes between 10, 12 and 15k aren’t the always accurate for all makes/models, so you need to verify residual value manually (Edmunds is the most efficient independent source for this information).

They just came back with a 48m lease is that advisable? Not sure of all the details.

don’t do it. 48m is too long.

VW E-Golf 2500 down / 350 a month, does that sound ok?

My advice would be to look at anything else but an e-golf, and not go into the dealership without anything in writing if you do. VW dealers can be very sheisty, which is too bad because they’re great cars. If you can’t get a deal for less than $300/mo with all the rebates and everything factored in with just drive offs it’s just not worth it. There are cars that’ll hold their value better and have a better warranty, better range, drive better, etc. Hell you can get a plug-in 5 series for about $500 a month.

Still too high for what it is.

FYI the warranty on the e-Golf is only 3 years 36k miles. Every other car they make is now 6 years 72k miles. Does that speak to VWs confidence that something expensive might go wrong after 36 months? I can’t IMAGINE how expensive anything on that car would be to repair if it involves the HV system or generator because you’d pretty much HAVE to take it to a VW dealer to fix.

And once again the deal changes for the above it was 15k a year /2500 down /350 a month. With .20 each additional mile which would put me at owing 3K up front or at the end.

–I was/am looking for EV for use of the HOV lanes, currently spending about 150 a month down here in SD.

Bolt/Volt have decent range and are less expensive. Also, depending on your commute length and whether you can charge at work, have you considered buying a used Leaf. For under 10k, there should be many options with low miles.

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Bolts are less? The ones I were looking at were like 450 for the base model. I think i want the quick charge added onto whatever car jsut as a backup. I will have a charger at the home (Lvl2)