2017 CT200h 250+tax 0 due at signing

Hey everyone,

I don’t have permission yet to post this, but wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this deal on a new 17 CT200h. MSRP is 33139, and it’s 0 due with the PGA certificate or some other 1000 incentive.

This is a base car, but still seems like a good deal at 0.7% plus tax. I was going to do the deal myself but looks like I’m not going to.

Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be talking to the guy tomorrow and would love to hook someone up here. I’m not a broker so no fee. Just a thank you is fine if you end up closing!

Where are you located / where is the dealer located?

Atlanta (20 char…)

Any dealer in PA/NJ/NY area could make this deal ?

This car is nothing short of a complete and total turd. 134 horsepower and have you seen the interior? 1992 wants it’s powertrain and console back.

You couldn’t pay me to drive it.