2017 Civic Hatchback and 2016 Civic Lease questions

Hello, I have no prior experience in leasing a car. So, I hope you can help me out. I live in Reno, Nevada (zip code 89502) and I am about to lease a new Honda Civic. Could you please inform me about the Residual Values, Money Factors, and lease cash incentives of the following cars for 12,000 miles /36 months lease?

2016 Civic LX CVT
2016 Civic LX with Sensing
2016 Civic EX with Sensing
2016 Civic Coupe LX CVT
2017 Civic Hatchback LX CVT
2017 Civic Hatchback LX with Sensing
2017 Civic Hatchback EX with Sensing

An important thing to mention, My credit score is about 730-750.

Will the rate be different if I lease from a Honda dealership in Sacramento, CA? My city is not too far from California.

Thank you for assistance. I appreciate your time. I apologize for such a long question.

Best Regards