2017 Chevy Malibu LS - effectively around $200/m - Looking to Transfer Lease in Los Angeles, CA

Hi there, I am looking to transfer my lease to somebody in Los Angeles, CA area. I am relocating to east coast for a new job and that was the only reason I want to transfer my car lease. I loved my car!
Car Detail below:
2017 Chevy Malibu LS in White
Current Mileage: 8,000
Condition: Pristine!!! I am the only person using the car, monthly cleaned exterior and interior, non-smoking, no kids, no pets therefore no mess ever
Monthly Payment: $300.13 including taxes
Lease Termination Month: Aug, 2020 - 17 months left for the 3-year lease term
CASH INCENTIVES: $1,800 UPFRONT - that’s 6 months car lease payment for you, or another way, just $200 monthly lease payment! I will also reimburse you for the credit application and lease transfer processing fees with US Bank, which is another $720 for you! (I put down $2,000 upfront when I leased the car from the dealership, I can’t count all the deals you are getting now)
Max Lease Mileage: 30,000 - I under drove a lot, so you have 22,000 miles left for the rest lease term of 17 months
Credit Score: I do need somebody who has a good credit score that can pass the US bank credit application.

Feel free to message me or email me at ellianayj@gmail.com if you have interest on taking over the lease.


Hi Ellie, what’s the residual on this?

I don’t have my lease agreement with me now. I can check when I get home from work. But I know it’s around 10k.