2017 Chevy Bolt LT lease transfer in SoCal effective $199/mo


I have a 2017 Chevy Bolt LT for transfer

Has DC fast charge, both packages including comfort and driver confidence as well as dealer installed tint and upgraded wheels (chrome) which are listed on the window sticker. MSRP was ~$40k

36 months lease/15k miles per year
Has red car pool stickers
Tags paid until November 2019
Current mileage = 20,300
Mileage allowed = 45,121
Lease termination = Nov 18, 2020
Allows for about 1200 miles per month
Monthly payment $317.00 including tax

Pics are from when i got the car.


Happen to have the window sticker? Or know if it has driver confidence 1 and 2, and comfort as well? (3 packages total)

Also, should probably post pics of the car in current condition.


Interested, where is location of vehicle? Also +1 for current condition images or vehicle or any additional coverage.



I have just listed my car also for transfer, please check


To the top


Is this still available?


Yes still available


Hi… Im interested and would like pictures of the car in current condition please… and does the vehicle have any additional coverage?


No additional coverage…you are welcome to come take a look at the car


I would if I could, but I don’t live in SoCal.


Are you located in California? I believe the lease can only be transferred within CA.


Yeah, Im up in SF Bay area.



Still available?


bump for $1000 incentive


$1500 incentive now… 17 months remaining, brings effective monthly to $199


I’m interested if this is still available. I’m in Los Angeles. Has this car ever been in an accident?


Interested. I am in SoCal


Would you do out of state? Michigan?This text will be hidden