2017 Chevrolet Traverse 1LT. Is my thinking wrong here?

$279/month including tax with true $0 sign+drive AND $3069 in negative equity :confounded:

i have no clue what reverse math is. but it’s not accurate. also. competitive is 1500. loyalty is 500. the rest were standard rebates.

also. is allstate a rebate you get from them? like i’ve never heard of it with chevrolet. even with another $1500 off with extra rebate (which dealers arent doing anymore) it’s still a $400 payment.

i know it says 10k. but the quote shows 15k residuals.

I’m using GM’s RV and MF numbers. Maybe I’m not being clear, but I understand that they are not negotiable. Am I mistaken that they are currently 36/15 55%/0.00089 and 24/15 62% 0.00040?

yeah. still don’t know how you got to 279.

Do you you have Rebates correct? I see 4250… On autobytel.com
Can’t use most bonus cash since those are for purchase. You 4250 or 4500 already includes the 1500 competitive lease. You are counting extra Money otherwise.

For older models dealers are allowed up to 3 bonus tags from what I know. Maybe someone else can tell if there are 4 for older models. Current year models max is 2. Prior years they can apply more. That is only 5500.all state rebate is probably separate from chevy.

I just did a supplier price deal 5% off with Rebates plus 2 tags plus gm card cash of 1250 additional bonus. Without additional 1250 it was 272 on a 23k sell price

I know other dealers around me had 4500 in rebates on their advertised breakdowns, plus the 1500 conquest. I was quoted 2000 in IVC being applied last month, but if that wasn’t the case, or if that’s not available anymore, it is what it is and I’ll just wait.

So I made some initial contact today while waiting for my oil change. I have to say, I wasn’t in love with it. For a 37k SUV I thought it was OK, and rode nice enough, but I wasn’t blown away by it. I’m still getting over the fact that you don’t get push button start on a 1LT trim SUV that price. Anywho… I was given a quote on a loaner that I’m still trying to figure out. It just doesn’t seem to add up, regardless of whether I calculate by hand, use Leasehackr.com or another calculator.

MSRP: 36990
Selling Price: 33990 (Which I’d never pay for a loaner with 7800 miles on it)
Residual: 62% (After correcting them using 53% somehow at first)
MF: 0.00040
Rebates: 6250
Cash Down: 1000
Acquisition Fee: 595
DMV fee: 434.40 (Seems high to me)
Taxes: 962.90
Doc Fee: 399.00

Quote says 355.07 for 24 months, with 1000 down. Using the Leasehackr calculator with a zero drive off (removing the 1000 down) and the rest of the terms listed I’m at 330 a month. Around 283 with the 1000 down. Am I missing something here?

Did you take into account the RV drop for it being a loaner? Also, are you sure they gave you the entire $6250 in rebates? It’d be helpful if you took a picture of the actual worksheet so we can see all the numbers.

I hadn’t taken the residual drop into account. Perhaps that’s what the “adjusted residual” is? I’d have to re run the numbers, but being a loaner would drop it from 62% to 58%?

You know this loaner is FWD, right?

If that’s the case then it starts to make a little more sense. I get 399 with zero drive off using 58% and about what they are quoting backing that 1000 down they asked for out of the equation. For that I’d be better off targeting a new one if I’m going to be penalized for taking a loaner with that kind of residual hit.

I’m fine with FWD. I’m not OK with selling price obviously.

Just making sure. Try Bridgewater Chevy.

Initial worksheet was hilarious with the incorrect residual.

Hi does this sound right
Chevy Traverse 2018 3 lt
they emailed me quote
MSRP 46,470.00
Selling Price 45009.26 Invoice

36 month lease 575 a month includes reg title dealer fees before tax
725 $ 24 months

Hey there? What zip code do you live in? Are you leasing currently? Are you a Costco member or work as a supplier employee?


Not leasing -no Costco my uncle has gm benefit zip 01420