2017 Cadillac Escalade Lux 4WD

She’s a “demo” w/ just under 4k miles
MSRP $82815
Selling Price $70,901

36mth w/ 10k $0 down, only 1st month at sign = $849/mth

thoughts? Anyone else lease one in the last couple days/weeks?

I feel I can get this down to the $725 range at least…

That looks good, on these huge suvs don’t expect killer deals.

Any idea what the lease numbers are for this Dec? I am trying to backward calculate it…

Check or ask in rhe Edmunds thread. Have you thought about buying? Not sure about Escalade, but purchase incentives are sometimes better on these large SUVs. (Manufacturer hedge against spike in gas prices at lease turn in)

Looking at a similar deal for a 2017 Demo, were you able to get into the $725 zip code?

I am looking into a similar deal and was quoted $879, then $825. Still feel that it is high with the current GM promotions ongoing.