2017 cadillac Ats-V

Msrp $65000
Selling price $60000
0 down just Drive off
36/10k and 42/10k
I’ve tried the lease hacker on a 36 months, Im just not sure about what the residuals are for 42 months. What’s a fair monthly payments on these car. Thank you and appreciate it

Why not try a 16 for steeper discount? Mine is a 16 and my Gm discount was around 10k. I think that is achievable.

Yes That would make sense, I have been in talks with some dealer, and have gotten great discounts just trying to widen my options. I’m looking to order a car to my own specifications. 2016 sedans 6speed are getting hard to comeby. What are the residuals for the 17?

Any deals on these right. Now?