2017 C300 Loaner/Demo 36/15k $275 0 Down(CCR)

What do you guys think of this?
Sale Price is the one that is listed on their website, I feel they should be able to move it another $1.5k to be closer to a 25% disc
I already see that the Acq fee is marked up from the usual $795 to $1095 and the tax is calculated wrong for my 7.75% (No biggie, I’ll do the math by hand in front of Mr. Finance Manager to prove it)

I tried attaching picture but it said file is too big.

2017 Loaner C300 with P1(I believe) ~9k miles
MSRP: 43095
Sale: 33993 (21%)
Adj Cap: 35168
DMV fee: 374
doc: 80
Tire: 7
Smog: 8
RV% 66
-Mile charge 1240
MF .00121

Monthly base: $296
Monthly w/tax: $322 (Levied on monthly)
0 Down
Drive off: First month and DMV fee

If I do MSDs and autopay Monthly will be about ~275 C300 with Premium 1 package with 15k/year to drive! Good deal once I get them to reduce the marked up Acq fee and throw in maintenance considering i’m starting at 9k miles and will need Service A,B,and C

Not seeing how you are getting those monthly numbers. Copy and paste your calculator link.

I didn’t put the exact Mileage number and a couple details I left out so no one swoops on my deal lol!

Is that a 24 or 36 month lease?

36month. I edited into title after realizing i didnt specify

No way the RV is 66% with 15k miles.

thats what he gave me. I have the quote I can post to Photobucket and message you

I mean, this is over Text message and phone calls with internet sales manager. I’ve stopped at this dealership in person before. I mean they can bait and switch me, but they know they would be wasting their time knowing how much I know.

What do you get when you run it with that Adj cap cost and 9000 miles?

I see you asked for the RV on Edmunds already and they told you 24/15k was 63%. Not sure why you would think 36/15k would then be 66%?

I don’t recall asking that any time recently, but thats on a new car. They are changing the res factor on Loaner/Demo vehicles.
36/15k is normally 57% but they have 66% on the quote…

This is what they quoted me and now I’m confused lol.

You are confused. I bet the dealer is quoting you a 24/10k lease while you think it’s for 36/15k.

That would be extremely sneaky. I will ask again then.

I don’t even think Benz has a vehicle that’s 66% residual for 36/10