2017 C300 $323/month in South Florida

Hi All,
I’m putting up my C300 for “lease swap” as I will be needing a larger car soon. I am located in South Florida. I’m currently paying $345 with tax included.

Original MSRP: $47,000
Monthly Payment: $323 (not including tax. Transfer fee will be borne by the buyer)
MSDs: $0
Months Left: 17
Current Mileage: About 20,000. Will update with current numbers
Original Contract Total Miles: 39,000
Miles for rest of the term: 19,000
Original Term Length: 36 months
Lease Start Date: 01/26/2018
Lease End Date: 01/26/2021

I will post pictures in the AM

Hey there. I’m not sure how lease transfers work. Do you know if there is any maintenance included in the original lease? As well, I’m in South Florida as well, so wondering what the transfer fee is?


Great deal particularly without MSDs. I have the same model and pay $366 incl tax with MSDs and only 10k miles.

Thank you! I worked hard for this one!

Is it still available?

Still available??

Yes, the car is still available

Nice photos…Can you tell us about the options? If it has a sunroof, it is a standard one or panoramic? Also, is the car black or dark blue? It looks black but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the two colors. Thanks.

Is this still available?