2017 Bolt EV Premier with Options - 17 Months - 4.6k One Pay - North Texas


2017 Chevy Bolt Premier.
Like new condition inside and out.
Additional Options include:

  • DC Fast Charging
  • Infotainment Package
  • Driver Confidence Package
  • Black Bowtie Emblems & Cargo Net

Lease Start: 11/11/2017
Lease End: 11//11/2020
36Mo / 12K Miles a Year
Current Mileage: 18,700
Remaining Mileage: 17,300 / 983 Miles a month.

Lease Transfer through GM Financial and we will split the fees. I did a one pay lease for the car and so it has no monthly payment. I am asking for the balance of my one pay which works out to approx. $270 a month for the remainder of the lease.

The car is located in North Texas in the DFW area. I will be posting pictures later tonight, however if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.



Any more pics?


Sure do! Sorry about that rough day at work and forgot to post them. Here they are:

Sorry if the car looks a little bit dirty, it’s been raining on and off here for quite a bit a time.


I need to talk to the little lady about why we need a fourth car! Lol.

I noticed you mentioned DFW, did you move from CA since you have HOV sticker? If so, how much of a headache was that drive? Shipped?


Haha that’s definitely my hold up most of the time, gotta ask the boss lady :).

Yeah the car lived almost all of it’s life in California, we moved out here about four months ago. We definitely didn’t drive it, that would have taken forever. We were already getting another car shipped and so we added this one to the order.


Hey @Electric,

Have you had a chance to talk with your wife about the car yet?


Yes we discussed it (she hates the styling so she personally has no interest in it — it’d be all mine, lol) I need to get rid of one before we can take another car in. I have a L2 installed in our garage from previous PHEV’s so it’d be plug and play.

Feel free to take another offer in the meanwhile if you have a taker for it. We can keep each other posted in any case. :slight_smile:


First off thanks for getting back so quick it’s appreciated. Also, that sounds great.

I have one other local person looking at it, but it really feels like a lot of tire kicking and not a lot of action haha.


Update - 4.7k breaks down to approx. 265 a Month, will split transfer fees with buyer.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to see anything else in particular please let me know.


It probably wouldn’t. Since it’s registered in TX now, it has to transfer to someone in TX


You are absolutely right, very sorry i didn’t even think about that. I have updated and edited the post in question to remove that piece. Thanks again for the heads up.


Is this still available?


Sending PM