2017 BMW X5 xDrive 35i M-Sport; $751+tax, 36/10, $0 DAS

2017 BMW X5 xDrive 35i M-Sport Exec Demo:

MSRP: $82,820
Selling Price: $69,981 (before incentives)
Monthly Payment: $751 + tax (7.75%)
Down Payment: $0
MSD: $0
Incentives: $4,000 + $1,000 college grad

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00176 (I know this is marked up. Negotiated down from 0.00196 Loberant provided)
Residual: 58.23% effective (after 3,000 mile adjustment)

Zip Code: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 9.1 at $0 DAS
Pre-filled Calculator link: Calculator

Is it difficult to get 20% off of this loaner with regular MF? Why ? That would help you shave nearly 5k

Is odo near 3345 ? black?

My understanding is that you can’t benchmark some sedan discounts against an SUV in this market environment based on some research I’ve done.

He’s a dealer so it’s up to you to believe 100% of what he says about demos being more difficult to get discounts vs. loaners, but it is true that most of loaners are very light on options and I wanted a well-optioned vehicle.

I was also considering a Velar, and at this payment, I’d be looking at a very bare bone with not much option at potentially fewer HPs.

After all, I got this at <1% MSRP incl. tax with nothing due at signing, which is almost impossible to do with a new (non loaner or demo) X5.

What are the miles on the car?

Carbon black, I think odo is ~3,100.

A black demo with 3345 sold at auction two weeks ago.

Do you know how much it was sold for?

Nice car but they love to eat tires and those are not cheap on that.

$61, however that may not include additional dealer incentives from the manufacturer (Not sure if they have any). Dealer pays auction buy fee ($3-400) and transportation from the auction.

So if I assume this car was sold at 61k, after transpo and other fees, dealer’s base cost would be ~63k. I can technically buy at 65k - all the incentives at buy rate and still yield dealer profit at ~2k?

Carfax doesn’t show this was sold at an auction. Is it possible that doesn’t appear?

Possibly a field persons demo, they may assign those directly to the dealer and bypass the auction. Does it show geographically where the car was used (pdi location)?

New Jersey 20202020202020

They usually show as sold at auction on the Carfax. (Some exceptions surely exist) The one I mentioned was in NJ. Key is the odometer reading.

Last recorded reading on carfax is 3,040. Dealer picture (taken at dealership) shows 3,140. Mileage adjustment on the quote is $635.

Different vehicle then. What is the vehicle offered for sale date?

March 20. 20202020202020

They just called and apparently the rebates include loyalty which I don’t have. I told the CA to eat it or I’m walking away.

I will probably get non run-flats and use for 3 years and swap back to original before lease return.

I am trying 20% off of 330e loaner in NJ. Let’s see how it goes. Couple of years ago, I got 20% off of new 320i ending 150 per month with 7 MSDs… But those were different days though

The MSRP is high on these SUVs. If you are able to wait and negotiate hard, 20% or close to it seems doable… Perhaps it happens this year

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What are the 4K in incentives.