2017 BMW X5 s35i $595/mo Los Angeles

Hi Hackers,

I lease a X5 for my mom and she wants to get out of it since it’s too big for her. Details below:

  • $595/ mo including tax

  • No out of pocket upfront

  • Just pay the transfer fee

  • Lease terminates: March 2021

  • Include break and rotor replacement (not covered by normal maintenance )

  • Current mile 18xxx

  • Allowed mile 35000 (I am willing to pay a little extra for the millage)

Car located in Los Angeles area. My mom is mostly available to show the car most of the time.

Please text me at 626-233-5601

This should be included in the OP, but for those who want quick math, this is basically a low mileage lease (~8K miles/year) for 24 months.

What’s the MSRP of the vehicle? Would help to post the sticker/options.