2017 BMW X5 or 2017 Porsche Cayenne

First please forgive my ignorance if I miss something or say something that is incorrect. Looking at these 2 cars and trying to figure out the numbers and what to expect. Lease will be for 36 months and 10,000 miles per year. I am in the Dallas, TX area

BMW is the X5 xDrive35i SAV and the Porsche is Cayenne Base 3.6 V6

MSRP on both is around $75,000 so I will use that as the MSRP for both. Questions

  1. MF for both. I will use 7 MSDs on the BMW so factor that in please.
  2. Residual for both?
  3. How much should I shoot for off of MSRP for each one?
  4. Any additional rebates I should know about?
  5. Anything else I am missing?

Thanks in advance

Yea you can’t afford the Cayenne. No sarcasm at all. The lease will blow your doors off even though the MSRP is the same.

Just focus on the X5 if you’re trying to lease.

Ok. Only thing I would say is that on the website it would be $6000 down and $749/month based on a MSRP of $73,000. That is well within budget. If I could do slightly better I would. Am I missing something when you say I can’t afford it

Phantom is not 100% right, Cayenne and x5 are very close. In fact based on these numbers from 2 MA dealers, Cayenne seems the better lease.

Ok so if he wants he can go get a demo deal on a newer 2016 or even 2017 X5 with a couple miles on it can still be head-and-shoulders above the Porsche on value.

Without actual deals to work the numbers over it’ll be tough to advise one over the other. Both of those factory ads suck with that much cap reduction rolled in.

OP is saying he can do 6k down and 700+ a month. For that he can easily get Porsche or X5, depending on what he wants. True, demo X5 can be had for even lower price, but his question was can I get a Cayenne for 700 a month (with 6k down) and the answer is yes. It is not a bad deal (579 + 6000/39) comes to 732 a month which is close to 1% for a 73 k MSRP car. To me a Porsche for 1% MSRP is not bad at all.

Of course the taxes in Texas will kill ya on a lease, but that’s a different issue :slight_smile:

I do understand what you are saying and I may go that route but i want to be prepared either way. Really the info I was looking for was $ off MSRP, Res, MF. Where would I go to see demo stock and how many miles realistically would be on demo stock.

Of course I would like to save some $ if possible, so in the end it looks like 3 choices - 1) . Demo X5, New X5, New Cayenne. Once I get the info I will start working on trying to get the deal.

The wrinkle is I get $1000/month in car allowance from work.

I welcome all responses and don’t mind someone being critical.

Closed-end lease offered to qualified lessees with approved credit by Porsche Financial Services through participating U.S. dealers. Estimated payments based upon MSRP of $71,460 (includes destination charge) for a Model Year 2017 Cayenne Platinum. Price excludes title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, and maintenance. Lease payments of $579 for 39 months total $22,581. Total due from customer at signing $6,000 (first month’s payment, acquisition fee of $995 and capitalized cost reduction.) No security deposit required. At lease end, lessee pays excess wear, $.30/mile over 30,000 miles and $350 termination fee. LEV $43,841. Expires 03/31/2017.

It’s good to be you. Don’t spend it all in one place. You can take one 488 maserati special and one 500 hellcat special for that budget lol :slight_smile:

Throw in the Benz GLS450 and Land Rover HSE for good measure in your comparison shopping. That’s doable in 1k a month. Oh wait, did we tell you about the Maybach S600 deal??? :smiling_imp:

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Wife wants an SUV and we will be moving from a GL450 down to something smaller. She is set on one of these 2.