2017 BMW X5 Lease

Looking for best pricing deals on leases here in the NJ/Philly market, any experiences you guys can share?

Currently offered a $66,370 for $690 for 36 months 15K mile lease with $2500 cash + $4900 (7 MSD’s)

Imperial Blue Metallic with Ivory Blue interior

Well you’ll need to find out what the actual sales price and MF is

Residual, Lease cash, incentives, etc?

My 2016 ($73K MSRP) leased for $$599. including 9% tax in August with the great discounts (36/10). I used 7 MSD’s and MF was 0.00068 - 60% Residual. Each for more details on my lease.

36 mo 15K miles discounted price is like $57,200 7% sales tax here in NJ and the residual is 55%

Thats a good amount off. see how much of the 2500 is cap cost reduction. Seems high unless it includes taxes

1600 is for dealer, DMV BMW, 690 for 1st pay so then 210 for cap cost reduction based off 2500 down

MF with 7 MSD’s is now 0.00085 was 0.00134 without on 15k miles

Not sure youll be able to find cheaper, but the 15k resdiaul is what kill syou.

No i meant 15K miles annually for a 36 mo lease, it is a brand new unit

Best wait until Thursday an Dec figures. Hopefully better than November.

Do you have some inside info on Dec promos?

Dec is probably a great month to buy cars since most others have holidays going on and dealers probably need every sale to met their 2016 goals?

nobody will have inside news, only speculation until Bmw releases the numbers.

Head to Bimmerfest forum (ask a dealer). Seems BMW is not going to try and reclaim the luxury lead from MB for 2016. Might mean the end of year discounts will not be as aggressive as previous years.

From Bimmerfest…

Looks like Dec number are not good. $1000 Holiday lease cash and lower residuals. Not looking like any end of year deals…

"Just checked a couple of residual values this morning (dec 1) for 36/10. to get 36/12 reduce percentage by 1 percent. To get 36/15 reduce percentage by 3 percent.

2017 3 series = 62
2017 4 series = 61
2016 5 series = 63
2017 X3 28 = 64
2017 X1 = 61 (1k option credit available on BMW USA)
2017 X5 35i = 58
2017 X5 40e = 56 (this is what I calculated from bmwusa, I would check since it came up different than the 35i)
2017 M3 = 62"

"If you are locked in October, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY encourage you to run the numbers multiple times if you are considering removing your october lock. I am guessing you will find that your car will be MUCH cheaper by keeping octobers lock vs taking anything now.

Remember you will need to take the entire package from now… you can not take the december 1k credit but use Octobers Residuals for instance.

October had higher RVs pretty much across the board compared to nov / dec so look REALLLY hard if you are considering using decembers numbers and make SURE that its better for you. I would guess you will find out that financially it wont be, but does not hurt to check. You will want to take delivery while your october lock is still on is my guess ( dont let it expire)."

hi my friend, looking to lease a bmw x5 xdrive 35i 2017 msrp around 77k , if u dont mind could you reffer me to your dealer, looks like u got a great deal.
Regards Tim

Stevens Creek BMW - Ask for Rocky.

is it Rocky Karimi? just saw on their web page
could you please clarify what does 7 MSD’s mean?
thanks again for your help here! highly appreciated!!!

If you want to get a good deal, learn the terminology here

MSD = Multiple Security Deposits

and is a key factor in decreasing your monthly payment via lower the interest rate (MF). For an X5, that could be about $50-100/mo

It looks like a downpayment but the entire amount actually gets returned back to you after the term of the lease. For this deal specifically above, it is $690 rounded up the nearest $50 = $700 x 7 = $4,900 you will need at signing in addition to other drive-offs

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