2017 BMW X3 Lease (good deal?)

Got a 2017 x3

The MSRP is $41k. Sort of a base modelish car w back up camera which is fine for my wife

36 months- Paying $340 a month (includes tax). They had originally wanted $380 a month

I got 12k miles per year instead of 10k

down was $5k (includes first months payment). I think i paid a few hundred more here than I needed to but wanted the monthly lower

I have other cars and just plan on using this as a rental for errands so no plans of keeping it later

Interested to hear groups thoughts on this? For 3 years, basically pay $17,240 to drive it 36k miles

thanks in advance for the feedback

The more monthly is good but factor in the downpayment, it is an extra $100. You should have converted the down payment into security deposits instead which would have lowered the monthly and been refundable.

How much do I think I could have gotten deal to if I negotiated better? Thanks again!

Also. I just got car 1 day ago. Is it too late to try to change down to security deposit?

Too late - done deal unless your state has a cool off period, but I don’t even know if that applies or would help you in your case.

When we leased our BMW, dealer offered 3 day 100 mile satisfaction guarantee - you can ask if this is possible in your case too.

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You should always ask for help BEFORE you pull the trigger. Asking after the fact won’t help anything and will leave you feeling upset.


I was thinking the same thing :frowning: If it turns out to be a good deal then great, you assumed that anyway since you jumped on the deal, if it’s a bad deal then you just found out you that you wasted a bunch of money. Where’s the positive?

Thanks guys. Appreciate your feedback. Good learning so won’t same mistake again

So I asked the dealer if I can still start a msd

There answer was that" I am now already currently getting .00097 which is apr of 2.33. That is the lowest possible and more msds will not reduce it any further"

Any truth to this :frowning: ?

Seems like a big problem was that msrp was 41k and sale price was still 37500. :frowning: 9% discount from msrp which made this deal horrible

But please let me know about the msd and if any truth to what dealer said…

Any ideas hackrs? Appreciate it

Your deal appears to have already included MSDs as a money factor of .00097 is only achievable with MSDs. Enjoy the car!

As long as the money down is infact MSD - which it appears to be, (not sure if you know this but you get that money back at the end) then overall not a bad deal per se… about right for a lower spec car- you could have gone for more money off the car - say 11-12% with a bit of grinding but as someone who hasn’t hacked before that isn’t bad so don’t worry too much and enjoy the car.

Live and learn for next time to get he sweetest deal.