2017 BMW X3 35i demo- first time leasing please help

This is going to be my FIRST LEASE for an 2017 X3 35i with 7k miles on it. How does this look?
Cold weather package
Tech Package
Drivers Assistance

The MSRP is $57k
Cap cost $46,905
Money factor .00140
Residual $31,606.70
36 months
18k miles a year(yes, I drive a lot and trading in a car)
Monthly w.o negative equity trade $520

The dealer said this is not a used car and I would be the first owner but I would get the remaining balance of the 4/50 warranty and 3/36 maintenance. I asked if this was an CPO Elite where they would add the extra 1 year 14k miles but they said no b/c it is considered a demo. What else should I be asking for? It’s a closed end lease and I am in NY.