2017 BMW X1 xDrive28i

I have the following offer, but not sure if it is a great deal! so, any thoughts would be much appreciated.

2017 X1 xDrive28i with driving assistance package

MSRP: $37,600
Selling price: $32,180
Residual: 61% (10k/yr)
MF: 0.00085 (with 7 MSDs)

Monthly payment: $327.37 (inc tax)
Total drive-off: $3305.17

  • Security deposit: $2,450
  • First month payment: $327.37
  • license/registration and other fees: $527.8

Looks like your deal is pretty decent, certainly not getting ripped off! Does it have the driver assistance plus?

Thanks! so what would be a great deal on this car? is the selling price still high?
I believe it comes with the basic driver assistance package: backup camera, parking assistance, etc. (no navigation)

Selling price looks pretty good to me. Looks like the residual for a 2016 is 2% higher (63 vs 61) so that’s why the other guy had a bit “better” deal. The dealer have any 2016’s they’d be looking to unload? Might be able to get more car for the same price