2017 BMW X1 vs 2017 Acura RDX

Hi, I need some advice if anyone can :frowning:
I got 2 numbers for the cars above:
Premium pkg, driver assistance pkg, cold weather pkg
$399/month, 36 months/10k, $0 down
$1000 corporate discount

base model but has pretty much the same options as the above
$353/month, 39 months/10K
$750 conquest

Which do you think is better? Do you think I can get it lower?


Which area are you in?

I would guess you could do better on the BMW X1. Check out my thread on the X3. I got premium, driver assistance, and lighting package + nav and heated seats for about a grand more. Since the X1 is a cheaper car I would think you could do a lot better though honestly I thought the X1 was too small for what I was looking for, so I never tried to price one out.

One thing you might want to keep in mind is there is a holiday incentive and xdrive incentive.

Hi ng0,

I’m in Houston, TX. Do you have the exact number for your lease? I can try and run it through with them to see if I can get similar one. Where do you get the holiday incentive and xdrive incentive? The only thing I saw on their website is the lease deal and it doesn’t say much.

P/S: nvm I found your post


:slight_smile: Yea, I have my whole breakdown there. Can’t say its the deal of the century, but I was pretty happy with it. The incentives as far as I can tell aren’t listed anywhere. Holiday incentive is good until the end of the month and then as I was shopping around i happened to find out about the xdrive incentive even though it wasn’t what I was originally looking for. Really don’t need 4 wheel drive in San Diego. :wink: Hope my info helps you find a deal!

Thanks. I don’t need AWD here either. The $1k holiday cash might come in handy. If I can get it down to $350 that would be a steal :smiley: Also I add up your total and it comes to ~19k. Mine will come to ~14k which I think is more economical for me :smiley:

Keep in mind i get back the 2800 in the end, but yea, I think you could get a much better deal on the X1 if that’s the right size for you.

I got a final deal on a '16 x1 7500 miles (it’s a loaner car)
Msrp: $43195
Sell price including trade in, tax and fees: $35954
Residual: 25463. They say they have to residualize the miles already on the car
Apr: 3.25%
Monthly payment: $375
Down payment: $0

They don’t want to talk about MSD yet until agree on the number. Do you think this is right? I trying to get down to $350/m but has exhausted everything I know. The thing that bothers me most is that in 2 more days this will be considered a 1-yr old used car and wouldnt cost thos much. Should I wait 'til 1/2/17 to make the move?

Btw this is in TX so i got taxed upfront which is about double compare to OR.