2017 BMW models reduced no cost maintenance

While this article is from January 2016, I just found out about this while shopping for a BMW.

As of 2017 models, the no cost maintenance is reduced from 4 yr/50k miles to 3 yr/36k miles. On top they are no longer covering brakes and other items. Just posting this because it was news to me and will definitely have an impact on my future decision on leasing a BMW as I feel that they’re taking away one big benefit BMW had over mercedes, lexus etc while at the same time making cars more expensive. Not happy.

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And the warranty is not transferrable. Applies only to original owner. On 2014 it was full warranty and transferrable. Looks like Bmw is cutting corners

i was told by a service advisor that the no cost maintenance is transferrable by BMW for a nominal fee. He wasn’t sure how much, said somewhere in the $100 range.

I think the balance of the warranty does transfer to another person but i’m not 100%.

I think what BMW is basically trying to do is only pay for oil changes which is cheap for them. I think it’s a bad move as the no cost maintenance was a big selling point for me over Mercedes for example. If they wanted to do it right they should have raised the price of the car nominally (which they’re doing anyway year after year) and hide the cost so it’s not such a big slap in the face.

Majority of Bmw’s are leased, so most should be ok with it not being 4/50. Excluding brakes, imo, will hurt their sales. No other manufacturer offers brakes now.

could be an issue if you leased a demo/loaner which has been in service for a while with some miles on it

This!!! I picked up a loaner with 17,000 miles on it already. I’m due to turn it in with 37,000 at lease end!