2017 BMW Lease Turn-In


I am on my lease turn in time, and BMW is saying my tires aren’t to spec. Is there anywhere online I can find good spec tires used that will make the cutoff so I don’t spend $350 a tire?

Bestusedtires.com. Make sure you get an OEM equivalent.

Jinx haha.

appreciate that response. i have no idea what OEM spec is all around and dont want to make a mistake.

Does Continental ContiSportContact 5 SSR work for 2017 bmw 330xi?

If you have all season run flat tires you need to return with run flat tires with the same exact spec. Same size, speed rating, and type.

So I’m guessing those Conti tires are not run flat, so no, they won’t work.

is there anywhere on the internet I could find the exact spec for the OEM tires? I cant find any info for the life of me. Sorry for bothering.

Well. You could look at the current tires on your car.

Also tire rack has that information.


There’s a sticker in the door jamb too

unfortunately my brother replaced the tires with an incorrectly spec’d tire.

This started the trouble. I found what I was looking for so thank you for your help.

If you don’t know, go to https://www.bmwtirecenters.com/ and enter vehicle information. It’ll list acceptable tires