2017 BMW i3 REX NorCal - 49.8k MSRP / 30m / 10k / $215 + tax

Many thanks to all on this forum for giving me the tools & knowledge to negotiate what I consider to be a great deal!

Signed & drove off last night (12/30/17)

2017 BMW i3 REX, Base (Deca)

MSRP: $49,795 ($49,295 + $500 charger)
Selling Price: $44,395 ($5400 off or 10.84%)
Rebates: $7500 + $2000 + $1000 OL code (see below)
Trade-in: n/a

Months: 30
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: .00152
Residual: 61%

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $2,751.13 (-$2500 CVRP)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $215.03 + $19.89 = $234.92

Zip Code: 94607
Sales Tax Rate: 9.25%

Leasehackr Score: 28.9

Used this OL code, which specifies northeast dealers but shrug NorCal dealer said AOK so there ya go:


Note also – not eligible for loyalty (first BMW!), but that would have been another $2k and gotten us down to $158.76 (!). Next time :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone for the advice and knowledge (particularly the OL code, which I would never have known about otherwise - sales guy had no idea either but was happy to tack it on).



Hi Could you possibly share the dealer contact?

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Yup PM’d dealer contact info! Good luck.

Thank you! and happy new year!!

Can you share the dealer contact?

Can you please PM me the dealer info as well? Thank you!

Hello, Could you please PM me the dealer contact as well? Thanks!

Contact info all sent! GL folks

Could i also get the dealer contact info? thanks

Yup AOK no problem - Sent!

Sorry, but one more request for dealer contact? Thanks!

Is the OL code still valid? Thought this offer is not available anymore.

Not sure – I successfully used it on 12/30/17 and it was AOK, but no idea if anything’s changed in the past few days.

Contact info has been sent! GL keep us posted.

Mind PMing me your dealer info as well NLH? Thanks!

NLH could you please PM your dealer info as well. Thanks in advance!

I’m interested at the i3 REX as well. Can you please PM your dealer information as well?

Hi @nlh can you please PM me the dealer info as well?


I spoke with my sales contact recently (Kevin @ Weatherford BMW in Berkeley) and unfortunately he said a bunch of the promos that were available at end-of-year expired.

But of course there will be new promos, so do give them a shout and report back.

Good luck everyone!