2017 BMW 640i- Good Deal?

Here is deal in place have to close today, looks pretty good but wanted to know if bad deal

MSRP- $91,045
Sale - $68,670
Discount 25%
Residual - 52% (ouch)
MF 0.00152

Zero down $799/month before tax, $824 after tax

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Looks like a good deal. Take it.

Great discount. Is it a loaner?

Great deal.
Is this $0 down sign and drive? Or are you paying fees upfront?

sounds like a good deal to me

Sorry should have been more clear. Paying 1st month, tag and title, and dock so fees are upfront upfront

No, new, but I did use a 650i loaner as leverage

Still looks like a deal to me, though I think 6 series cars tend to go for massive discounts. This is more massive than most.

Also, what is the annual mileage?

12k per yr
36k over 36 months

Good deal for the car. If that’s the car you want I would take it!
Just wondering, what did they offer you on a 650i loaner?

They didn’t have one with dealer I spoke with. I used an add in a different state that had 650i zero down (fees and 1st month etc not included) $799 before tax. Not sure the details or small print as I didn’t pursue but I used that in my negotiations.

I am currently talking to one last local dealer to see if they will throw out my last 2 payments (have 5 remaining).

So not going with this deal, found a better one from another local dealer

More options on car

MSRP $93,180
Sale $69,780

25.11% discount

Pay 1st month, doc, and title

$799 per month (so same deal) for better options, this one has executive package and is M sport edition with M package

But kicker is I have 5 months left, pull ahead covers 3, this dealer agreed to eat the cost of the 2 remaining months while other dealer would not budge on that. (currently have 5 series 600/month) so sad sign $1200 there as well.

Thanks for the validation of a newer LeaseHackr

Nice deal good job! 20

Wow, a good deal on a BMW. Who knew? I guess targeting 25% discounts off of MSRP is the way to make the ultimate lease machine lease again.

Dr. UNC, congrats!