2017 BMW 530i Lease Deal Feedback/Evaluation

Never leased a car before, we always buy but figured it’s time to give it a shot. Here’s the offer we’re given after a lot of negotiation and basically telling them we’ll need their best offer because we’re going to shop around. We’re in the midwest so there’s only like 3-4 BMW dealers within 50 miles.

Terms: 30,000mi, 36 month
MSRP: $64,325
Sale Price: $59,325
Down Payment: $0
Rebate: $2,000 (Loyalty?)
Tax/Title/Fees: $377.79
Monthly Fee: $725
Drive off: $2,264 - First month, acquisition, tax/title/fees

Now early on negotiations they said the MF was 0.00151, for excellent credit…but if I plug these numbers into the calculator I get closer to $705/month (sales tax is 8.75%). Obviously I’ll bring it up that their numbers don’t make sense - but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Did they just increase the cap cost reduction after negotiations to make it look like they’re doing me a huge favor, while just increasing the money factor?

I also just saw this morning that they have 2018 530i’s on their website listed as “coming soon”, and it’s the last day of the month.

1 - $5000 total discount with rebate is really lousy find out what rebate you are getting.

2 - are you currently driving bmw 5 series?

3 - three incentives avail (loyalty - $2000, lease cash - $500, fleet -$1500) do you quality loyalty and fleet?

aim 10-13% discount from MSRP excluding any incentives. apply those incentives after award

if you quality for all three incentives with 13% discount, your monthly should come around ~$640ish with 0 upfront which is about ~1%

2.2k drive off I am guessing is only 1st month + bank fee + titles… highly doubt tax is included.

for ~64k MSRP I highly recommend 540i instead of 530i…

  1. It’s $2,000 loyalty rebate according to the salesperson, and the $5,000 is exclusive of that so it’s $7,000 total when you include the rebate.
  2. Currently we have a '17 X5d.
  3. Don’t qualify for the fleet unfortunately.

Sales tax in my state is part of the monthly payment from my understanding, based on the depreciation. The tax I’m referring to I guess is tax on the cap cost reduction? (I suppose that’s more of a question than a statement)

100% agree on the 540i but my wife really likes all the addons, like drivers assistance/plus, premium, luxury seating, soft close doors, power trunk, etc. I think it’d be over $70k for a 540i with the options she wants.

I’m surprised your wife doesn’t want a crossover/SUV
Such as the jaguar f pace, Mercedes gla/glc, x3,5

Well we have a '17 X5d, and we kinda just share both cars…I know how to pick my battles.

1 - can you confirm it is loyalty? because unless you are driving 5 series now i dont think you qualify for it

3 - there is someone who can give you fleet certification here find him.

5K discount before incentives is bad… 2018 model is around the corner… get 11-13% off before applying any incentives.

i believe you qualify 500 lease cash and fleet discount which is 2k (gotta find the person)

also my 535D had all the features you mentioned plus sound upgrade except soft close doors and it was 65k

@Nickk123 did you end up getting the 530? I’m in the market now as my 528 lease is ending. If so can you share the details of your deal. Thanks!