2017 BMW 440i $535 month + tax, 6+ months left, 1000 miles

Would need to start on or before July 29th, last 6 months of the lease.

  • You pay the lease transfer fee $500
  • I’ll put 3 new tires on it (one was replaced earlier this year), a $1300+ value
  • Extra miles $0.20 each
  • MSRP: $56,795
  • After discounts: $49,844
  • Residual: $34,077


  • M Sport package
  • 19 in wheels
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Keyless entry, including foot sensor for the trunk
  • Premium Harman Kardon Sound

Disclaimer: The only detail, it has a small dent in the front (see in photos)

1000 miles total or per month?

If you say total this will be ugly…


should be ugly regardless, especially during a month where 4 series have had the best incentives available. but yea if you need a 6 month lease, I’m sure there can be better deals found

Unfortunately, that’s total. But I’d be ok buying some miles to compensate, if someone’s interested

There’s no nice way to put this man. There’s 0% chance in hell…

You’re asking someone to pay $4000 to drive 1000 miles.

Do you see how ridiculous that is?

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Up to $5000…

If you find a taker please share his/her contact info with me, I have a bridge to sell…

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you’ll put new tires on it but won’t fix the bumper?!

What’s reasonable, then? 6000 miles

I know, but if someone’s interested in a 6 months lease I’m willing to negotiate

I thought that’s more appealing. The dealer might not notice/charge for it, fixing it is cheaper (even directly with BMW) than tires

lol can we get a vote to close this thread???

send over to swapalease. best of luck.

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Dude like seriously. Why would anyone take this deal? Take it over to SAL but even there might be a hard-sell.

It won’t let me close it, but if anyone can, go for it. Apparently people cannot just move on, and feel the urge to comment the same thing everyone’s already said, sending the post back to the top again and again :man_shrugging:

You might just have to bite the bullet and sit on this for 6 months.

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If everyone quits saying the exact same thing just to see their comment, this thread will die on its own. 15 people telling this guy he doesn’t have a good transfer candidate serves no purpose. That’s what the like button is for.

Everyone just has to comment the exact same thing though, and for what reason, I have no clue.