2017 BMW 430i GRAND COUPE Lease Prices? Demo vehicle

Hey leasehackrs, first timer here. So my local dealership is running a promo here for leasing of their “executive demo” cars.

I’ve been looking around forums and have been targeting a car under 5k for residual value. Anyways here is the deal so far:
Has Driver Assistance Package and Navigation

Sale Price: $40,098
36 Months/10K a year
$328 per month, before taxes (tax rate 7.5%)
$3888 Due at Signing (drive off + down)

Also applicable is the $1000 off for new graduates. Just finished my masters so that should also kick in.

Is this a good deal? The sales rep said the residuals are about 61% All this was discussed over the phone though so I haven’t actually gone in yet.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

Oh, I also should mention that this deal doesn’t include the protection plan which I believe is often $1500-1800

We do not recommend down payments (CCR). What is the MSRP and MF? Also, get a breakdown of the due at signing.

So the MSRP is $47,345 and the MF is .00170 , Residual is set at 61% based on 10k annually

They stated that the down payment isn’t required, but I haven’t been able to find out the exact cost of just the drive off. I think it’s around 1800 though typically.

The money factor is marked up from the base of .00150.

Get the breakdown. They are also marking up the MF by .0002.

Someone on the forum got 430i gran coupe demo last month msrp of 52k for 349 a month with 2300 DRIVE off. 10k/36

Woa that sounds a lot slicker!

Haha yeah I’m trying to replicate that here in ny

Been shopping around SoCal all day and it looks like nobody will come close to that deal. Wondering if he got in on the MSDs. Hope others looking for a deal have better luck.

i think the dealer rep genuinely just made a mistake. he ended up getting 3300 capitalized reduction in addition to the 2500 rebate and 18% discount which is unreal for a loaner car.

by the way what was the initial msrp of the vehicle?

The msrp of the vehicle is 47k