2017 BMW 340XI - ?good deal

Is this a good deal? Meets the less than 1% rule however when I use the lease hacker calculator I get a lower monthly payment… not sure why… probably going to get the car anyway… is there anything else I can negotiate. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the resolution

I this a demo or new?

I’d try to get a few grand knocked off the selling price and I’d do all I could to tell the dealership to take that documentation fee and cram it. $500 for someone typing up a few forms. Please. And that someone is making $20/hr.

As you can tell, I’ve got a bugaboo about garbage fees.

And don’t let them tell you the state requires them to charge a documentation fee. The state ALLOWS them to charge that. Big difference.

Hard to read screenshots on phone – would be easier if key figures were typed out.

If MF is .00065 that’s excellent. Buyrate - max MSD - fleet discount.

Can’t speak to selling price which is essentially the only other variable left to negotiate.

The numbers make sense, what is the $199 of aftermarket? Remember that can’t be residualised and will just add 199/36 on top of each monthly payment. The reg and doc fee is also correct for BMW, well I think it is normally $480 according to the calculator on this site. Seems you are also getting a fleet or corp discount, is that correct?

It would be helpful to know how much of the discount is from rebates and how much is from dealer discount. That would help us know how far below invoice they are going and if there is more wiggle room.

This is for a brand new with 32 miles. They waived the Doc fee and the 199 is aftermarket etching, which I know is crap, but I couldn’t get him to get rid of that. There is a fleet discount which was around 1000. The MF is .00065 after msd. I ended up getting it for 589/month x 36 + 4200 Msd + 995 acq fee.

$61.5k for a 3-series? … wow

That’s a fully loaded AWD 340i. It has a LOT of equipment for that price. A 340i with the track handling package will pretty much keep up with anything on the road. For the price, I think it’s a good performance bargain. You can get a stripped down M3 for 3k more, but I’d rather have one of these.

That’s a really good MF. I’d be pretty satisfied with this deal.

Yeah I know 61k for a 3 series is a lot… but trying to get a m3 to meet the <1% rule is hard ( I tried)… closest I got was a m3 with msrp of 76k with monthly payments of 780 with msd and ac. fee…just couldn’t justofy the extras 200 at this time. I’m happy with the deal

There is a 550i here in these forums for $78k MSRP at $545/mo

That is a demo though. I have nothing against leasing a demo, but it’s not apples:apples.

I also don’t think either of his deals can be replicated outside that one dealership and maybe that point in time.

“There is a 550i here in these forums for $78k MSRP at $545/mo”

Residuals have fallen a lot since that deal, I think 10 points.

Tell them you wont pay the doc fee.

With acq fee paid upfront, lease calculator is showing 467 a month before taxes with 7 MSD. So they have really added on extra fees. Some would say, those extra fees are criminal , unless NJ collects taxes upfront.

NJ does collect taxes upfront

@max_g[quote=“vpatel22, post:6, topic:7843”]
This is for a brand new with 32 miles

think it’s new.

@Alex He was talking about this one:

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Oh. Pft- forget I said anything. Deals, like the weather this month are ice cold.


The hot deals are lukewarm and the good deals are now poor deals.