2017 BMW 340i MANUAL Lease Transfer in Seattle - $266 after $1500 incentive - 3/13 - 3/14 ONLY

Thursday March 14th is the last day before my 2017 BMW 340i is no longer assumable, due to the 6 month minimum remaining requirement for a transfer from BMWFS.

Picked up this amazing machine in Munich in September 2016. She felt truly at home on European roads and has been thoroughly enjoyable whilst here in Seattle.

Vehicle current location: Garaged at home in Seattle, WA

Base payment (pre-tax): $516
Incentive: $1500 total (Lease application and assumption fees + any remaining in cash)
Incentivized payment (pre-tax): $266

Last 7 of VIN: K384445
MSRP: 50k

Mileage: 11,120 mi (!)
Mileage allowed: 30,000 mi
Lease End: 9/14/19
Lease End Buyout: $32,100
Buyout today: $37,816

Garaged all of its life

Melbourne Red on Black Sensatec
M Sport 18" Wheels with 50% tread life remaining on summer tires
Heated Front Seats
Lighting (LED Adaptive Lights, High beam assist)
Driver Assistance Pkg (Parking Sensors, Rear View Camera)

Condition 9.5/10 - rims have one mark on one wheel, no scruffs on body or interior marks. Will be detailed (with no smelly products!) before lease assumption. No funny smells, no marks on the beautiful m steering wheel (will be hard to give that wheel up!).

Ready for assumption now and can arrange shipping, driving to meet somewhere, etc.

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Where are you located?

Seattle - updated the post with that information. :slight_smile:

Hoping you find someone - awfully tight timeline. If I had a need and somewhere to park it, I’d jump on it since I’m in your backyard.

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Great deal! If this popped up in a few months when my current lease was closer to expiration, I’d hop on this in a heartbeat!

Hopefully you’ll find someone. You’ve got a ton of mileage left and a solid incentive.

Good luck!


I don’t think you’re going to luck out. I know about the 6 month timeline, but it’s going to take a couple weeks at best to finalize everything. Does the clock stop when the app is put in, or the actual transfer? Likewise, if it does stop when the app goes in, you better hope someone with a solid credit report applies, or you’re screwed.

The clock stops right when the credit app is in, thankfully.

Consulted BMWFS again, and they said the lease can still be assumed tomorrow (3/14), as the maturity date of the lease is 9/14/19. With BMWFS being in Ohio, any interested party would need to get the credit app in by 1:30pm Pacific/4:30 pm Eastern, but the earlier the better.

What am I missing here? $266/mo for a 340i…is it just the timeline that has you in a pickle?

Tires, wear/tear probably.

Only 11k miles, very little wear and tear. I bought another car so just trying to get this off my hands and not pay for a car that sits in the garage. Plus someone can enjoy it all summer!

Now that I re-read it more carefully, part of the 1500 incentive goes towards the lease transfer fee.

So it would be closer to $350/mo plus tax, plus tires upon + dispo fee upon return?

Assuming you need tires - they’ve only seen about 8,500 miles due to me swapping winters. And yes, the $350 dispo fee if you do not lease another BMW. I have had the vehicle checked for lease turn in damage last week, and they said there are no chargeable damages present.

This would be ideal for somebody who needs Loyalty 6-12 months from now.

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Don’t forget to add registration plus potentially smog cert if you’re in a different state


It would be helpful to see pics of the vehicle.

This is an ideal deal for me until I see it’s manual :rofl:

I PMed you lets do it

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